My research interests include (but are not limited to:)) pattern recognition, information retrieval, online communities, bioinformatics, cryptography, and statistical natural language processing. I also like working on practical inventions.

Refereed Publications

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Theses and Dissertations

  1. U. Topkara, "Information Security Applications of Natural Language Processing Techniques", PhD Dissertation, Purdue University Computer Science Department, West Lafayette, 2007. (pdf)
  2. U. Topkara, "Prefix-Suffix Based Statistical Language Models of Turkish", MS Thesis, Bilkent University Computer Engineering Department, Ankara, 2001. (pdf)

Other Publications

  1. U. Topkara, C. X. Song, S. P. Park, J. Woo, P. Smith, "SORCERESS: A Scalable, Extensible Real-Time Status Service for TeraGrid Condor Resources", Proceedings of the 2007 Teragrid Conference, Madison, WI, JUne 4-8, 2007.
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